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Acer Altos G540 M2

Company: Acer
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Price: $2,138
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The Altos® G540 M2 is a leading-edge technology 5U pedestal server that combines scalable performance and new availability features for cost-effective business growth. Allowing customers to configure the system to suit their specific business requirements, the Acer Altos® G540 M2 delivers great value thanks to its highly-flexible scalability features. Running on the latest Intel® processor, with ultra-fast DDR3 memory and large storage capacity, Acer Altos® G540 M2 not only is built for breakthrough performance, energy efficiency and reliability, but also offers long lasting dependability and return on investment.

Higher Availabilty
Altos G540 M2 servers operate on redundant power supplies and fans and utilize a scalable data protection solution with RAID monitoring, which ensures less hardware failure downtime and higher availability. These servers also provide advanced TPM-based data protection and automated file backup and restore.

Convenient manageability
With improved KVM technology, Altos G540 M2 servers deliver an enhanced remote management solution that simplifies system recovery and decreases troubleshooting effort and maintenance costs. An improved modular component cage for HDDs makes upgrading simple and trouble free.

Scalable productivity
The Altos G540 M2 server solution includes EasyBUILD™, a user-friendly interface that allows rapid server provisioning through cloning, an enhanced post-setup guide for installing applications or utilities, and an easy-to-use resource kit disc with software documentation. EasyBUILD™ helps set up a group of identical servers to get software and services running in less time.

Green operation
All Altos servers utilize highly efficient power supplies that reduce energy consumption, increasing environmental friendliness and lowering operational costs at the same time.

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