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The launch of AllWebMenus 5.1 PRO build #740, the most versatile system available for your web site navigation needs, has been proudly announced by Likno Software.

Making cross-browser menu-making easier for the professional and amateur web developer, the new, major version of AllWebMenus brings you a full set of optimized existing and new features and properties.

By producing truly cross-browser navigation menus, AllWebMenus resolves all existing DHTML incompatibilities across the major DHTML-enabled browsers (Safari, Opera, Netscape, Firefox, IE, Mozilla, Konqueror, etc.) and offers peace of mind to the professional web developer. To the web developer who enjoys the design of cool navigation menus without bothering for the technicalities lying behind their creation, this process is transparent.

Below are some the new features found in AllWebMenus 5.1 PRO build #740:

- New "Advanced Floating Menu Add-In" released, allowing interesting navigation cases within the page and more customization (such as floating behavior within specific sections of the page).
- Allowing for advanced Horizontal Menubars with margins, etc., more options added on the Type property
- Fixed a problem where Separator does not appear correctly in Firefox 3.x
- Fixed a bug in the automatic correction of links (eg. when changing root folder) when the link is actually an anchor in the same page.
- Fixed a problem when pressing F5 and the page cannot be displayed.

Being available for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista, AllWebMenus PRO costs $59.95 for a single-user license. The price also includes free customer support. At, the trial version can be downloaded from the Likno Software site.

Creators of AllWebMenus, Likno Software, is a leading software development company that over the past years has managed to establish itself in the international community of web developers as a leader in JavaScript / DHTML technology through its advanced software and services. Likno Software, presently, has also managed to become actively competitive in the Imaging market sector through the development of its innovative software and its advanced features.
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