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B&W 803 Diamond Speakers

Company: Bowers& Winlkins.Inc
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Price: $9,000
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The 803 Diamond might look almost as imposing as the 802 Diamond, but thanks to its smaller footprint and more traditional cabinet design, it will fit more comfortably into a home environment. With three massive 7” Rohacell® bass drivers, it delivers almost as much bass as the 802 Diamond, filling even the largest of domestic rooms with rich, stunningly lifelike sound.
The design and proportions of the top two speakers in the range are derived at for sound acoustic reasons – but understandably, not everyone wants the visual disruption that such a radical piece of furniture can create in a home environment. The 803 Diamond takes up less space and is arguably easier on the eye – but thanks to its three bass drivers, it generates a sound that’s almost a match for its bigger brothers.
For the 800 Series Diamond range, we’ve refined the science of magnet motor design to a fine art. Each of the 803 Diamond’s three bass drivers are powered by a dual magnet motor system, creating a more symmetrical magnetic field and reducing harmonic distortion. Meanwhile a unique quad magnet design keeps the tweeter running cool and smooth, even at the highest frequencies.

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