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Bright Shadow

Company: Gamepot
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Bright Shadow is a nicely animated, 3D, anime-inspired fantasy MMORPG published by GamePot USA. The game is set in the fantasy world of Luciena and has a strong emphasis on item collection, community and exploration. Those looking for a simple, lighthearted MMORPG should find some substance in Bright Shadow.

The game boasts over twenty playable classes, but there are only four starting ones. The game’s four starting classes are:

Warrior – Warriors in Bright Shadow are masters of ‘close quarters’ combat. They can inflict a great deal of damage to their enemies in melee combat and also absorb quite a bit of hits due to their remarkably high defensive capabilities.

Machinist – The machinist is a fairly unique class, as it’s only found in Bright Shadow and a handful of other titles. They are a mix between an archer and a merchant. They have a powerful long range attack with both bows and guns. They can also craft weapons and armor.

Shaman – With numerous healing and buffing spells, Shamans are the primary supportive class in Bright Shadow; think of them as a mix between a druid and a cleric. Even though shamans are primarily a support class, they still have some offensive magic.

Mage - Like nearly every other MMORPG, a Mage in Bright Shadow is the primary offensive spell casting class in the game. They have devastating area-of-effect and direct damage spells, but have extremely low physical attack and defense. They command the powers of both fire and ice.


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