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    Planetwide Media, a pioneer in interactive personalized media software, and TOKYOPOP, the leader of the Global Manga Revolution, announced the launch of TOKYOPOP MANGA Creator software and TOKYOPOP packs of digital content. The TOKYOPOP MANGA Creator is an innovative, interactive self-publishing media software that enables manga and anime fans to freely use their creative imagination together with officially licensed TOKYOPOP digital content to create personalized manga, anime and comic books.

    TOKYOPOP MANGA Creator software offers manga and anime fans the opportunity to create, share and interact with TOKYOPOP MANGA characters, backgrounds, logos, icons and screen shots, while creating their very own TOKYOPOP MANGA. Fans will now be able to post their personalized TOKYOPOP MANGA to a blog or social network, email to friends or print out in manga format. TOKYOPOP MANGA Creator is now available online through and at selected retailers worldwide.

    Aspiring artists simply create a storyline, drag and drop TOKYOPOP art and Manga-Ka tools - like speed lines - and MANGA facial expressions into over 100 templates, and add their own words. Manga artists can simply point the software to the folder that contains their digital art and quickly populate their workspace with personal image thumbnails. Whether users draw and ink their own art, or use the artwork provided, TOKYOPOP MANGA Creator is the easiest way to create manga on a PC.

    The Manga artists can then drag and drop creations into panels on each page for a unique and authentic-looking manga
. TOKYOPOP MANGA Creator software uses the power of Drag and Drop technology to allow users to create and publish their own manga. By choosing a design for each new page, users drag and drop characters, backgrounds, clip art, word balloons, and caption boxes onto each page, fill in dialogue and narration, and then publish.

     “TOKYOPOP is thrilled to be partnering with Planetwide Media in launching the TOKYOPOP MANGA Creator software. Planetwide has been embracing user generated content throughout the development of their original Comic Book Creator self-publishing software,” added Marco Pavia, Director of Marketing at TOKYOPOP. “TOKYOPOP MANGA Creator makes our dynamic IP even more accessible to our current fans and a new user base. Through this innovative digital media product, we see the future of manga and manga creation reaching even higher ground and coming to life in a new form of interactive entertainment.”

     “TOKYOPOP is a dynamic entertainment publishing company with their own popular intellectual properties and vast collection of powerful world renowned brands
. Extending our original Comic Book Creator personalized media self-publishing software into the manga market is a natural fit,” said Kevin Donovan, President of Planetwide Media. “Our personalized media platform is designed to handle user generated content with ease and our Drag and Drop Comics technology will allow fans of manga and anime to bring their creative publishing dreams to reality.”

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