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In the beginning, there was Chaos and there was Cosmos. Chaos was the Darkness and Cosmos was the Light. Cosmos established a balance in the universe by making Space, while Chaos challenged stability by calling in Time. It was the collision of Chaos and Cosmos that ultimately resulted in continuous creation - Space and Time. It was, then, from within a whirling vortex of creative energy and the intersection of Space and Time that the world was born - Trieste the Immortal Land. But when the forces that had gathered and opposed one another had formed the Land, they stopped. A new stability seemed to descend upon the universe, and with Trieste the cycle of mad creation simply ended.

Trieste is the planet of two moons. Miseria, the first moon, is the Moon of Misfortune. Ricchez, the second moon, is the Moon of Prosperity. The day on Trieste is 28 hours long and the period of revolution is 400 miles. (For those Earthlings reading this, that is somewhat larger than your planet.) Miseria and Ricchez orbit Trieste a different speeds, and so they, too, have cycles. On days when Miseria occludes (covers over) Ricchez, it is said that misfortune rules. Things favor chaos on those days. The bi-lunar cycle is 12 days, and corresponds with the 12 gods of the Incar, which is the predominant religious philosophy of the current human population of Trieste.


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