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    FabFilter has released FabFilter Pro-C, a new professional compressor plug-in with very high quality sound, flexible routing and side chain options, and various beautiful program dependent compression styles. Suitable for a wide range of compression purposes, FabFilter Pro-C offers three compressor styles: Clean, Classic and Opto. Each style uses different custom algorithms, knee curves and compressor topologies (feedback or feed-forward), all carefully selected and fine-tuned after thorough research and development.

    The innovative user interface and animated level display make compression with FabFilter Pro-C
easy to grasp for everyone. All styles use 64-bit internal processing and guarantee zero latency throughput. FabFilter Pro-C is capable of very fast attack times and both the attack and release times are highly program dependent. Each compressor style features different forms and levels of program dependency.

    External side chain input is available and the detection signal can be filtered with steep 48 dB/octave
low-pass and high-pass filters. Of course, both stereo and mono versions of the plug-in are available. Apart from its beautiful sound and character, FabFilter Pro-C also offers very flexible routing options. You can choose between left/right or mid/side processing with completely customizable channel linking and routing.

    Like all FabFilter plug-ins, FabFilter Pro-C also offers large, perfectly fine-tuned knobs that offer quick
and precise control in both vertical and circular drag modes, interactive MIDI Learn, Smart Parameter Interpolation for smooth parameter transitions, an extensive help file with interactive help hints, sample accurate automation, AltiVec and SSE optimization and much more.

    By default, the plug-in starts in non-Expert mode, which only offers the most essential compression functions.
In Expert mode, the animated level display slides underneath the transfer curve display to reveal all advanced side chain options. Working with FabFilter Pro-C is a dream with its innovative, easy-to-use interface. The animated level display, the active transfer curve display and the accurate input, output and gain change meters all work together to give you great insight in when, why and how compression is applied to the audio signal.

    FabFilter Pro-C is now available for $199 (US) for Windows and Mac OS X in VST, RTAS and Audio Units plug-in formats
(both mono and stereo). Existing FabFilter Timeless, Twin and Volcano users can crossgrade to FabFilter Pro-C for just $129 (US) until September 30, 2007. Bundles with FabFilter Pro-C and other FabFilter plug-ins are also available. System requirements for FabFilter Pro-C is either Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, or 2003, SSE-capable processor, and a VST 2 host or Pro Tools, or Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or higher, Intel or G4/G5 processor, and an Audio Units host, VST 2 host, or Pro Tools.

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