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Hero:108 Online

Company: Gamania Digital Entertainment
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Hero:108 Online is a 3D animated MMORPG with fast paced action oriented gameplay. Based on the Hero:108 show on Cartoon Network, the game features 8 playable characters, missions, raid bosses for guilds to tackle, and much more.

n alliance of kind animals and humans called ‘Big Green’ have vowed to stand up to High Roller and defend the land. Hero 108 Online has a fast paced combat system that resembles many brawler style games. Players will have to cooperate to complete instanced raids. The has a detailed guild system including ranks, special guild mounts, and more.


Lin Chung - A Ranger who uses dart guns. He likes the color black and drawing. He dislikes giving up easily. His element is Air.

Mighty Ray - A Warrior who uses his bare fists in combat. He likes helping others and his favorite color is yellow. He dislikes bananas. His element is Fire

Mystique Sonia - A Mage who uses blue tongue and yaksha weapons. She likes cute guys and the color purple. She dislikes plain buns and her element is water.

Mr. No Hands - A Healer who uses spells. He likes asking others to scratch his back and the colors red and yellow. He dislikes rainy days and his element is earth.

Kowloon – A Monk who uses a long staff. He likes studying martial arts and the color black. He dislikes being an alternate and his element is air.

Hurricane Lee - A Guardian who uses axes. He likes cooking and the color dark gray. He dislikes Mystique Sonia’s food and his element is fire.

Latifah - A Berserker who uses spiked maces. She likes boosting morale and the color brown. She dislikes failure and her element is water.

Archer Lee - A Hunter who uses bow and arrows. He likes hitting the bull’s eye and the color red. He dislikes drooling during an afternoon nap and his element is earth.

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