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Perle is a premier provider of reliable, full-featured and competitively priced serial and I/O connectivity solutions. Businesses around the globe have come to trust Perle to deliver superior connectivity technology for their mission critical applications. Perle's serial products include: Serial to Ethernet Adapters, Terminal Servers, Console Servers, Device Servers, Ethernet I/O Device Servers and Serial Cards that are ideal for organizations that need to: establish network connectivity across multiple locations; securely transmit critical and sensitive information; remotely monitor and control networked devices and appliances, and more.

Perle Systems has announced a new Terminal Server specifically created for medical applications. The IOLAN MDC Terminal Server is perfect for hospitals that are required to collect data from a wide range of bedside devices, cardiac output monitors, urimeters, infusion pumps, ventilators, patient monitors, anesthesia machines, balloon pumps and pulse oximeters, in order to be shared with other clinical information systems on the hospital network. Data from many various medical devices can automatically populate the patient chart decreasing errors and enhancing productivity.

Julie McDaniel, Vice President Marketing, Perle Systems explained “The IOLAN MDC Terminal Server meets strict medical safety standards and is certified for the IEC 60601-1. This product is also ideal for industrial applications where galvanic isolation on serial RS232 ports is needed.”

Features of the new system consists of a medical–grade power supply, galvanic isolation on all serial ports for basic insulation of 1500v AC and recessed serial ports to comply with UL “finger test”. Furthermore, the IOLAN MDC Terminal Servers are able of withstanding cleaning, sterilization or disinfection without deterioration of safety markings. The IOLAN MDC Terminal Server is available today with 4 or 8 RS232 serial ports.

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