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Download Live Chat Free Trial - Simple misunderstanding - That is the problem that miOOt "live chat" solves. Her...
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Live Chat 3.2.5

Company: miOOt Live chat
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Simple misunderstanding - That is the problem that miOOt "live chat" solves. Here at miOOt live chat, we provide a live chat program, that provides insight and understanding into who is visiting your site and what they are looking for. We bridge the gap between your visitors and you, through live interactive discussion, leaving us in no doubt you will make them into potential new customers. Sign up for 7 days Free Trial - www.mioot.com/signup.php

File Size: 1.4 MB

System Requirements:
.Net framework support


New in this version:
Security fix with minor changes

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It looks like a really useful tool to get in track with web stats.
This mioot live chat solution is a bundle of tools which covers web stats, real time chat, survey, help desk and advertising. Good software to have on...
» Posted by    ashok

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