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Write review’s mission is to bring hometowns together by connecting helpful students with parents looking for help around the house... i.e. babysitting, tutoring, pet sitting, yard work, etc. Unlike any other site of its kind, MyHometownLink will allow members to see how their friends connect them to other members in their network. Ideally, all connections on this site will be made with friends, neighbors, or friends of friends.

Our primary goals are to help students make money, help parents save money, and save everyone a whole lot of time and stress. Instead of driving to lonely kennels’, hiring expensive landscaping companies, scrambling to find babysitters, or posting flyers around town; members of the community can now hop on MyHometownLink to quickly and easily find neighbors who want to help.

MyHometownLink is a social network, which means that we are not match makers of any kind. Our job is simply to go out and collect you all. We do this by setting up tables at schools, PTO meetings, and community events, and then we try to walk each one of you through the site. The idea is that the bigger we can build this site, the better it will be for everyone on it.

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