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A new game, Dogfighter, has been launched by Dark Water Studios, the Northern Ireland based online games developer.
The game is very interactive, as it is an  online-only aerial combat game, providing  web-based, player and gamer clan community.

Players will find themseves hard to defeat due to the wide range of weapons set at their display in order to conquer the battle field. Provided with modes such as  the multiplayer Deathmatch,  Team Deathmatch, Conquest and Objective, the game proclaims clan play, based on interactive team members. Thus, rewards will be granted for the completion of team rather than individual objectives.

Live statistics, ranking,  customisable web pages for every registered player, and team administration features for clan leaders and officers are some of the features provided by the web community.

The first promotional version of Dogfighter cand be downloaded and played for free in March 2008.

The company is one of six chosen to showcase Northern Ireland’s creative digital talent on .
Dark Water will launch the second version of Dogfighter towards the end of 2008, hoping to continue to offer a subscription-free service to gamers and to continue developing new content based upon direct player feedback via the web community.

Instinct Studio, a  middleware development suite from the company Instinct Technology, is the one that will be powering Dogfighter, as Dark Water stated. The  Head of Studio at Dark Water, Mike Brown, said that “Our partnership with Instinct Technology will ensure that gamers get a stunning-looking game, but what’s really unique about Dogfighter is that we will give players and, more importantly, clans and teams, their own customisable space in a networked community. Clans traditionally have to handle clan membership in an ad-hoc way using whatever tools they can find. We are giving them leader-boards, ranking systems, rewards and all of the tools necessary to organise their clan from within the Dogfighter community pages – for free.”

Dermot Gallagher, CTO of Instinct Technology, said: “We are delighted to be working with Dark Water Studios. Dogfighter is a great fit for Instinct Studio right now considering the forthcoming release of our landscape and outdoor environment technologies. We’re also very excited about Dark Water’s plans for the online community – it’s a great idea, in effect extending the idea of social networking into the gaming world.”

Dark Water Studios Limited is an independent games developer based in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Game development solutions are also offered by Dark Water Studios to  publishers and other developers.

For more information, you can visit or email info @

Instinct Technology is a middleware provider based in Muff, Co. Donegal, Ireland, and is the creator of Instinct Studio – a cross-platform development suite of tools for producing state-of-the-art interactive products.

For more information, you can visit .

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