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SumZero is the perfect tool if you're a professional investor who wants to share ideas or an individual investors who wants access to hedge fund level research. Divya Narendra, CEO of SumZero has agreed to answer some of our questions.

Olivia: Can you please tell our readers how you came up with the idea for SumZero?

Divya: SumZero was initially inspired by a need for a simple, centralized, and searchable platform in which professional investors working at hedge funds, mutual funds, and private equity funds could share rigorous investment ideas and network with one another. Since then the concept has expanded and SumZero is taking steps to bring a subset of high-level investment research to the investing community at large.

Olivia: How can one become a member, and what are the major benefits of using SumZero?

Divya: There are 2 types of memberships on SumZero:

For Buyside Investment Professionals (Hedge Fund, Private Equity, and Mutual Fund Analysts/Portfolio Managers): SumZero affords the opportunity to access a database of over 2,200 detailed investment recommendations written exclusively by your peers at other hedge funds/mutual funds. This is the largest database of buyside research content in the world, and is available at no charge to SumZero members. To join, please visit and click the application link for buyside investors. The application process requires applicants to submit basic information regarding their investing experience, and encourages them to include a resume and an actionable investment thesis in order to gain admission.

For Individual Investors: Individual investors (those who do not work at professional investment firms) can register at to receive, at no charge, one investment recommendation a week from SumZero's community of thousands of elite hedge fund and mutual fund analysts/portfolio managers. For the first time, individual investors can access investment content directly from the professionals; mainstream investment publications/websites typically feature investment tips written by financial journalists. For the sophisticated individual investor who believes in rigorous research, the difference could not be greater.

Olivia: Thanks for your time. For those interested in investments, please find out more here . ...
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