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Sabayon Linux announced today that it will partner with a global provider of computer infrastructure management services and makers of Versiera, Remote System Management and Monitoring Software, called NetCraft Communications. Including Sabayon Entropy to provide broader software distribution methods, both companies, as part of this strategic alliance, will leverage their technologies.

Versiera will now be available on an open source desktop operating system based on Gentoo Linux, Sabayon Linux. Versiera, the first web-based system for infrastructure monitoring and management to support a broad spectrum of operating systems, simplifies the common system administration tasks. It can quickly identify and notify of technology issues, Versiera can help preempt functionality problems at various layers of the infrastructure. To reduce the cost of technology ownership and enable companies to focus on their core business, is the purpose Versiera software.

Chief Architect of Sabayon Linux, Fabio Erculiani, stated: “We are excited to start concretizing our long efforts in producing our upcoming release, and making NetCraft Communications part of it. Versiera is another demonstration of the flexibility that Sabayon Linux and the Entropy projects are reaching. Users will be glad to use our distribution either on their home workstations or at work seamlessly, thanks to Versiera.”

CTO, NetCraft Communications, Frank Pikelner, declared: “We are proud to be strategically aligned with Sabayon Linux.” He adds: “By pooling our technologies, we can strengthen adoption in a meaningful way and give back to the community. Sabayon Entropy will provide boarder software distribution methods within Versiera, thereby reducing management costs of updating software across many systems,” he added. ...
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