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Company Name: PC District
Founded in: 2008
Overview: PC District used to be a simple download website, but just like Cinderella it turned into a social community specially designed for techies. Well … Cinderella didn't turn into a social community for technology passionates and all this change didn't happen in one magical night. After several months of research and development, PC District is now a sweet place to find all sorts of articles and opinions related to the latest technologies, shared by users connected through their enthusiasm for hi-tech thingies. People from all corners of the world are welcome here to learn or to share their knowledge. You don't have to be a genius to be part of our community, all you need is the best intentions in sharing or learning. With our young staff always ready to help, PC District promises to never let its friends get bored. You just can't get bored here, because no matter if you know anyone, you're among friends.
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