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Name: Flavius Saracut
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Location: United States
Short Bio: I love technology!
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After sharp internal debate, Microsoft designed Internet Explorer so that users must deliberately turn on privacy settings every time they start up the software.
Posted on 2010-08-02 13:41:31
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer answered questions on Thursday about the company's plans for iPad-like devices. After bullishly asserting that they were "Job number one" for the company, he then outlined how Microsoft was going to continue to treat them like the failed Tablet PC concept of the last decade.
Posted on 2010-08-02 13:33:48
The Library of Congress made it legal, MuscleNerd showed us it was a go, and now Comex and company have delivered the long-awaited jailbreak to the fourth rendition of iPhone. According to their new page JailbreakMe, the hack works right on the iPhone 4 (or 3GS, or 3G, or iPad, or...) itself, using via the handset's Safari browser to reportedly bre
Posted on 2010-08-02 12:38:34
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