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 Asian Regional Center for Hip ResurfacingHipresurface123 Photo
Company Name: Asian Regional Center for Hip Resurfacing
Founded in: 2006
Location: India, Tamil Nadu, Chetpet
Overview: Welcome to the website of the Asian Regional Center for Hip Resurfacing (ARCH)is a specialized surgical center in Apollo Speciality Hospital Chennai.More than 1400 Hip Resurfacing Surgeries have been performed so far. Asian Regional Center for Hip Resurfacing is the first specialized resurfacing center in Asia. Patients with arthritis and hip pain travel from all over the world travel to ARCH for hip surgery.Hip Resurfacing Surgery has revolutionized hip arthroplasty especially for younger and active patients.Unlike conventional Total Hip Replacement(THR) the hip resurfacing conserves the bone in the hip which would be crucial in younger patients.No restrictions are imposed on the resurfaced hip and the patient can participate in any professional or recreational activity after the surgery. Computer navigated Hip Resurfacings are performed at ARCH for complex indications. ARCH has the largest series in the world for Hip Resurfacing surgeries done for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip, Ankylosing spondylitis and coxa vara . Complex Hip Joint Pathologies like Hip Dysplasia, Bony Fusion of the Hip and post Perthes are routinely resurfaced in the center. The NCP (Neck Capsule Preserving ) approach which is increasingly being adopted by surgeons world wide was developed at ARCH. This facilitates a faster recovery due to the repair of the capsule. The vascularity of the critical regions of the head and neck is also preserved in the NCP approach.
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