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Samsung is gearing up for an exclusive launch at Best Buy stores nationwide this weekend. Expect to see the new Q430-11 laptop, along with the upgraded R580-11 laptop and N150-11 netbook. The standout machine of the Samsung trio is the new Q430 laptop. On paper, this notebook isn’t all that different from the R580.
Posted on 2010-06-21 15:08:13
Let’s face it: Gaming computers are often out of the reach of many potential buyers, with the ultimate behemoths priced around $10,000. Of course, you do get the best parts and attention to build detail you don’t get from a $500 Dell, but at those prices, it might be a better option to build it yourself.
Posted on 2010-06-21 15:04:46
It’s no secret that Apple, AT&T and anyone else who were offering pre-orders for the iPhone 4 last week suffered from site malfunctions, extended downtime and other problems. But now it looks like even some of the customers who managed to get through the traffic and pre-order the fourth-gen iPhone online weren’t actually successful as reports are surfacing of randomly canceled orders. Several tech sites are reporting canceled orders on the part of either AT&T and Apple for a variety of reasons, including unverifiable information, an incomplete authorization process, or sometimes no reason at all. We haven’t seen notes like this from Best Buy yet, but let us know if that happens to you. In these cases, credit cards shouldn’t be charged. But still, talk about completely frustrating. If you pre-order an iPhone 4 and aren’t so sure about your order status now, check your receipts and call the customer service number of the company you ordered it with just to be sure. And if you haven’t ordered one yet but want one soon (instead of waiting for weeks to get one in the mail), maybe it would be best just to clear your schedule and camp out at your local Apple or AT&T store next weekend.
Posted on 2010-06-21 15:01:07
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