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As the Mac manufacturers say, discover the world of Mac! Only we encourage you to do this by reading our reviews on Apple Mac desktops and have a detailed palette of impressions from those who happened to use or are still successfully using an Apple Mac computer. For many consideration Mac desktops are considered the next step after PC desktops, find out why and how do the Apple Mac desktops recommended themselves to our users. Is it true that the main downside of a Mac desktop is the price, while the advantages are really worthy, as they sound like beautiful design, excellent specifications and safety in Internet browsing? How important is it to you that your computer looks like a work of art? If the design feature doesn’t stand in the top of your priorities, than take a look on the storage and memory of an average Mac computer, it must be just enough to make you taste the difference!

 Apple Mac Desktops

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Apple iMac
Apple introduced the first iMac more than a decade ago. And the design philosophy remains the same: an all-in-one computer that’s as powerful as it is beautiful. A display that turns your desk into ...
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Updated: 05/11/2010
Apple Mac Pro Quad Core
Next-generation Intel architecture. With four cores on one die and an integrated memory controller, the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Nehalem” processor boosts performance nearly 2x. Learn more Ne ...
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Updated: 06/9/2010