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The so called Apple MacBooks have been teasing our imagination for a while now, but let’s see what are our experienced users saying about the advantages of a Mac laptop specifications. One of the most often claimed advantage is that a Macbook is Intel-Based, find out what difference does it make and why is it better. A screen that looks smooth, fast superdrive, a long battery life – these are a few recommendations you might find if you read on our users review. Share your experience with an Apple Mac laptop and be as critical as you wish, without being unfair! What about the Apple Mac laptops’ design? It often comes in small, compact and stylish shape, but if this is not of the first importance for you, than discover what our users have to say about the iLife feature. It seems that Mac laptops raise fewer compatibility issues than pc laptops, check it out!

 Apple Mac Laptops

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Apple MacBook Pro 13"
The new 13-inch MacBook Pro features advanced NVIDIA integrated graphics technology along with Intel Core 2 Duo processors that are faster than ever before. That makes for the ultimate combination of ...
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Updated: 05/25/2010
Apple MacBook Air
MacBook Air is carved from a solid sheet of aluminum. This revolutionary unibody design replaces many parts with just one and results in a clean, seamless appearance. The anodized aluminum surface and ...
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Updated: 06/10/2010