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If you feel like your browser would need a boost to become even more skillful and friendly or it should gain new features that make browsing the Internet easier, safer and more enjoyable. Read on to make it all possible. Go for speed improvements so that your browser uses its full capabilities and doesn't waste your time and precious patience. Apply some refinements to the interface so that it gets friendlier and more inviting and improve session restore abilities which will make crash recoveries less annoying. Discover new tools for controlling your private data and enjoy the ability to share your geographic location with websites using location aware browsing. Make your browser more supportive for a range of new web technologies. Find tweaks for any kind of browsers, be it the classic Explorer or the refreshing Firefox browser, Opera, Google Chrome or other, there is enough room for improvement and customization.

 Browser Tweak

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Instantfox Firefox AddOn - Quick Search via your addressbar with shortcuts! Supercharge your urlbar and search as quick as never before! Instant + with Autosuggest! Users of Firefox who want to hav ...
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Updated: 05/18/2011
ButtonBar+ 1.1
ButtonBar+ adds a second highly customizable bookmarks bar to the Safari 5+ browser on Mac or Windows ...
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Updated: 11/13/2011