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Every time you get connected and enter the vast Internet space, you must keep in mind that the way you exploit its sources might be highly enhanced and overall improved. You can boost your communication means in many ways applying some modem tweaks that could increase the speed of your download or optimize unknown settings and registry of your system to enhance Internet connection. You could also increase your connection speed by tweaking hidden network and connectivity settings. Double your Internet connections and boost its speed by changing the initial Windows parameters. Learn what do you need to perform all these actions and which are the most expected results. If you are still using a dial-up connection, a proper modem tweak is something you would appreciate a lot, as it is pointless to wait infinitely until the Web pages load, while you could easily change it. Read our reviews on the most efficient modem tweaks and make the best choice.

 Modem Tweak

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Modem Spy 4.0.6
Modem spy is handy utility for telephone calls recording. Features: 1) record phone calls. 2) record from microphone. 3) plays back recorded mesages via phone line. 4) Plays back recorded mesages via ...
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Updated: 07/6/2009