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Some complex and useful upgrading can't hurt your imaging experience, on the contrary, you will get a better focus on essential things while tweaking your graphics card or the display features of your PC. Find perfect utilities that would allow you enjoy higher display frequencies without the need of installing special drivers, or a graphics card overclocking utility together with power management control. Apply higher resolutions to get extra performances in games. Discover means to be fully informed on your video card features and current properties. Keep up with the color and focus quality on your monitor and enjoy the possibility to enhance all the features that deal with the eyesight. Manage the gamma correction of your monitor with a simple and efficient application or change hidden features on Nvidia cards if you are a passionate gamer or you just appreciate a little bit of customization in terms of computer imaging.

 Video Tweak

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CalMAN HTPC Pattern Generator 1.2
CalMAN HTPC Pattern Generator is a free software application that allows you to generate video test patterns from your PC. CalMAN HTPC offers a wide array of video test patterns, including brightness, ...
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Updated: 03/3/2008