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CinemaDrape 1.1

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  » Posted by    helene
Easy to install and get started. CinemaDrape is a free and efficient “noise clearer”. In the newest version you can focus on the previously selected area from the last time CinemaDrape was used.
The focus area size must be reset every time you use CinemaDrape, even on the same page, which might be a little time consuming, since the areas you use to focus on are usually of the same approximate size (ex. videos or photos).
The bottom line: CinemaDrape is as simple as it should be. There is a great possibility that you would love it after you’d try it.

It is amazing how efficiently this program solves the “background noise” issue by clearing away all the distractions in just a few short clicks. Let me state that before using it no one is really conscious of the great effort to stay focused on a certain area on your monitor while ignoring flashing banners, annoying adds and other falls of information.
Besides, CinemaDrape is free, doesn’t require too much space and is very easy to install, thus it is really worth trying, even if you think you don’t have any focus related issues.
You could also opt for a portable version of CinemaDrape, which makes things even more attractive!
CinemaDrape doesn’t have too many features, but still every need of a common user seems to be almost completely covered. Once you have installed CinemaDrape you can proceed to customization right away. Activate it by pressing Ctrl+F12 and click somewhere outside the focus area to access the menu. Here you can set the size of the focus area and the good news is that all the most popular and likely to be used sizes are available there. Still, you can adjust the focus area with your mouse or direction arrows by dragging, broadening or stretching it.
Next, you might wish to set the opacity of the inactive area, make it black or a little broad, so that you can keep an eye on what’s going on with your other applications without being plainly disrupted from your current task. Choose the color of your “drape” if you prefer something else than black or grayish, though black is certainly a favorite when it comes to covering the distractions.
Photo amateurs might seriously consider using CinemaDrape for watching photos or any other images on a black background. It is also great for watching videos without the need to open them in a full screen mode, and thus without corrupting the quality of the film.
With CinemaDrape it is easier to work with various applications and information areas that compete for your attention. Keep in focus just the project description, the summary of an analysis or the monthly development diagram and your productivity is likely to boost real quick.
CinemaDrape comes really helpful during presentations and it seems that there is no real competition to this simple yet efficient tool which covers pretty much every requirement you can think of when it comes to clearing less important areas on your monitor.
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