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IncrediMail Xe 5853718

Company: IncrediMail Ltd.
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Price: Free
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  » Posted by    Olivia.Barabas
It has lots of effects, customizable backgrounds and 3d effects.
You have to pay for the Junk Filter.
I found IncrediMail by accident, just surfing the net looking for interesting stuff. I always enjoyed adding a little “something” to the looks of my desktop and basically all the computer related stuff that I use. Probably most of you like to keep things simple and clean, but me … well, I like eyecandy.

So, browsing the cornucopia of virtual thingies, I stumbled on this cute site called IncrediMail. Pages filled with all kinds of sweet animals and emoticons and beautiful images were displayed as I was finding out more about a little mail client called IncrediMail. OK, I decided to try it out! Downloaded it in like a few seconds and started the installation process. After a few clicks and minutes later, I was adding one of my many email accounts. Another very easy process … I don't know if anyone ever tried some of the other email clients, but this one is really user-friendly. It almost does the job for you. So, I set up my account and started to check out its features. That was the interesting part. You can customize everything, starting with the skin, continuing with fonts, letter styles, animations, emoticons notifiers and, basically, everything you can wish for. Once I opened the New Mail tab, I got lost. By this I don't mean that it was difficult to find my away around, but the multitude of features and animations is ecstatic. You can customize your letter's background, include animations, sounds and eCards. Additionally, you can also create backgrounds and eCards, and browse for sounds or animations from your computer. Then there is the the 3D Magic to add cool 3D effects for when you send, receive or even delete mails. You can even record sounds with IncrediMail, but that is a feature I haven't yet tried, thanks to my broken microphone.

They say “IncrediMail is all about having fun with your email” and that is true. I selected as a notifier for my incoming mails the doggy and I can't wait to get a new email so I can see him on my screen and hear him bark. Plus there are the Smart Notifiers with which you can define emails from your girlfriend or colleague or even your parents. Now the skinning of the software is probably its weak point since there are not many skins to choose from and if you want something really cool you have to upgrade and pay for it. Plus, considering that most of the programs you find on the net work like this, it's not such a tragedy. Anyway, that “issue” is taken care by the Skin Creator add-on. With this very customizable add-on you are able to create your own skin for IncrediMail, just the way you want it to be.

Mostly the program works like any other email client, but a little simplified. Even though there are many options, you don't have to set them all and it still works great. Of course if there are special features that you wish to enable you can also do that, but with a cost. For example the Junk Filter. If you wish to activate it you have to pay for it. IncrediMail is a shareware product, which you can use for free or pay for an upgrade and benefit of all its existent features. The product does not contain any malware, nor virus, so it's safe to install it on your computer. The best thing about it is that it's low on resources. I'm just downloading my messages and it uses only 12 MB of memory. This is really amazing, considering all the animations and 3D stuff I enabled.

For last, my advice is that whoever likes to enhance the looks of its desktop, should get this program. Mailing becomes addictive!

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I've been using this for: 4 months
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