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Extensive features, endless fun.
its too fun! wait, that not a con
Being a gamer myself, I recognized what type of game Evony might be by the banners I saw on websites, so I decided to check it out. It turns out that Evony is much different than I expected and much different than what many people expect it to be. Put simply, it is no less than an "anywhere access" MMO that involves strategy, battle and cooperation, but mainly fun. The way it differs from what I expected is that it is a huge community and is very extensive in its features. It involves several catchy aspects such as a "wheel of fortune" in which you are allowed to spin for unique items unattainable elsewhere in the game. Another great aspect is the alliance system, which allows players to team up and accomplish greater feats. It creates a very social atmosphere, making it much more than one of those games that you just shoot arrows at a computer player, or whatever. The player base in evony, now reaching over two hundred thousand players per server, makes the playing ground incredibly diverse and dynamic. The land of Evony has 16 different states that you can choose to live in, all with different types of players, allowing you to choose which style of play you like best. You can choose to be a laid back player who checks your city once a day or less, or be one who plays many hours a day. Either way, you will have your opportunity to launch attacks upon the barbarian villages which are threatening your homes!
Evony is free, whereas online games such as World of Warcraft cost money to play. Personally, I like the fact that I’m not being charged monthly for a virtual character. However, in Evony your stats grow with you over time as well, and each new day you play will be more prosperous than the last. As with any game, there are always more skilled players who you may not want to run into right away. The Evony crew has come up with a great solution for this as well: There are over 150 different servers you can join, with new servers being created roughly once a week! This means you will always start with other people who are also starting. Additionally, Evony works on timers that run in realtime, so you can starting building a barracks for example and then exit your browser and come back when its finished! This makes it very easy to log on for a minute or two and check your civilization, and then go back to what you were doing. Its unending excitement, whenever and wherever you want.
I have played many online games, including real time strategy, RPGs and paid subscription games. I would say that Evony is my favorite of them all, for more reasons than I could put in writing here. If you want to give it a try, go check out and judge it for yourself!

Lord name: Graviton
Server: 132
I've been using this for: 200 days
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