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IMVU - 3D Chat

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Numerous possibilities to customize your avatar and home. People search based on your criteria. It's free.
Well, it doesn't really have any minuses, maybe the graphics though ... and of course, the fact that you have to buy credits.
Among the multitude of existing chat applications, IMVU has got it all. If you're looking for customizable 3D environment for your chatting, this is the one you're looking for. Also, if you're looking for a place to show off your artistic talents, this is it.

Started in 2004, IMVU counts nearly 40 million users. It's all so easy, yet quite complex. You have to create an account, download the 3D chat client, customize your avatar and you're ready to go. Still, if you're looking for a little more, well, there is plenty to do. For example, you can buy or earn credits, you can apply for a diversity of groups, enter the Daily Outfit Challenge, buy new stuff for your avatar. The most amazing of all is that all items are created and reviewed by users, which means that if you create a new item, it has to be reviewed first and only if it's approved it gets to be released. Isn't it amazing? It's still the user that has the final word in it.

The Daily Outfit Challenge is one of the places to test your creativity. The challenge is like this: every month you are given a list of themes suggested by the users and based on that title you have to outfit your avatar. Since you can find tons of backdrops, visual effects, photo enhancers, clothes, poses and accessories to prepare for the challenge the rest depends on your creativity.

An other way to test your creativity is to join the Creator Program where you can create content like avatars, 3D objects, stickers, etc. Most of IMVU's content was created by users. There are many tutorials and guides on how to create items which help the users along the way. The Education Center provides guides on creating anything you wish starting with avatar body parts continuing with stickers, textures and even avatar actions. It's not the greatest graphics ever seen, but it's sure is a lot of fun. By creating and selling these items in the IMVU Shopping Catalog you have an income which allows you to purchase items you crave for.

Now, if you're not a creator but still wish to go on a “shopping spree” you have the “buy credits” option. With these credits you are able to make purchases in IMVU and you can buy them either from IMVU or an IMVU reseller. IMVU resellers sell credits way cheaper so you can get almost twice the amount of credits for the same money. Of course there is never enough for all the goodies that can be found in the shop and to outfit your avatar for the Daily Outfit Challenge you gotta spend some cash. I've read about some users that spent more that 50 $ to outfit and customize their avatars.

You can also get credits by earning them. Earning credits is quite simple, but it's slow. You can earn credits by reviewing items, by completing partner offers, promoting coupon codes, inviting friends to join IMVU, playing with your pet (if you have one, if you don't get one for free), or as said earlier by joining the creator program. On the IMVU website there is a page full of offers to earn credits.

For the fun part … oh, well, that is endless. Start by creating an account (doh) after which you are given the choice of creating an avatar. You get a home which you can customize as you wish and a few options to get credits, but then you're on your own. In order to customize your home and your avatar and to chat with other users you have to download the chat client. After downloading and installing it you get to search people based on your own criteria. Some features of the application include: profile information, the Dress-up window, My Room window, friends list, shop, voice chat, settings, movies, etc. So, install the chat client and start personalizing your place by adding, removing or modifying furniture, accessories or even by getting new rooms. It really is the place of endless possibilities. You can be whoever you want to be, live in your dream home, chat with people about whatever you want.

The chat rooms you want to join depend on conditions like: whether you're a VIP member or have Access Pass membership or there are rooms that are restricted to Friends-Only. The VIP and Access Pass memberships can be bought, but the Friends-Only allowance has to be earned. Other rooms have restrictions regarding the outfit of your avatars or are based on themes. Each chat room (and there are thousands of them) has a specific theme so any taste can be satisfied.

Whatever you want to do in the IMVU world is like a live fantasy. Choose what you want to be, with who you want to chat and where and create strong bonds with other users. After all, it's about making new friends and spending your time with them in a surreal way.
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