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Samsung DVD 511/XAA

Company: Samsung Electronics
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Price: $79
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Have you ever wondered how you can create a home theater in your own home? Here your imagination becomes reality. Let's build our own Home Theater ourselves! A DVD player is the state of the art addition to your home entertainment system that allows you to watch a movie of more than 2 hours in length in the utmost quality from a 12-cm disc, the size of your standard CD. You can have the comforts of your home and also experience theater-like quality in picture and sound with digital audio and video with a DVD player. Samsung has established itself as leader in the DVD market by offering highly specified, well-designed machines at sensible prices. Samsung DVD player creates a level of excitement and experience that virtually turns your living room into a screening room. The DVD-511 player has the ability to playback DVD, CD, VCD, and SVCD formats.

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