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SonicGear Blue Thunder 1

Company: SonicGear
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Price: $42
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- Total Power 44 Watts RMS
- Freqency Response: 35Hz - 20 KHz
- S/N Ratio: >70 dB
- Distortion: < 1 % THD (Std 300 mA peak-to-peak source)
- Audio Input: 3.5 mm jack
- Electrical Power: 220 V - 240 V 50 Hz
- Bass and Treble Volume Control
- 5.25” Low Frequency Driver
- Power Output for subwoofer : 30 Watts (RMS)
- Trendy Hard Metal Finishing Design
- 3” + 1” Full Range Driver
- Power Output : 14 Watts (RMS)

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Stylish subwoofer cabinet (with blue stay-on lights); Turning knobs for Treble, Bass and Volume control; Good high tone reproduction; Connectivity usi...
Satellite speakers aren't stylish - look plain; Mid tone reproduction isn't accurate;
Bought the BT1 trusting SonicGear products after my experience with the SonicGear EarPump Pro headphones which was very good. The BT1 gives good sound...
» Posted by    sundomain

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