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Sonus Faber Toy Tower loudspeakers

Company: Sonus Faber
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Price: $2,800
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With the compact but ambitious floor-standing Toy Tower, Sonus Faber conveys all the colors and emotions of lifesized music reproduction with an even more intense, profound involvement than its smaller sibling. The Toy Tower delivers a complete acoustic picture of your favorite melodies that will simply carry you away. Cherish your new Toy Tower. Position it attentively and select its electronic partners with care. You will be rewarded, day after day, with an intensely passionate and soulful musical experience.

3 way vented box loudspeaker.
Construction with decoupled side panels
for resonances and standing waves control.
25 mm ultra dynamic ring radiator-driver,
neodymium magnet system.
110 mm coated cellulose cone driver.
180 mm hard nomex cone driver.
Non-resonant third order design, optimized
phase characteristics for optimal space/time
performance, cross-over point 400 Hz – 4000 Hz.
45 Hz – 25.000 Hz, tuning ports included.
89 dB SPL (2.83 V/1m).
8 ohm.
35W – 200W, without clipping.

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