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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Administration DVD

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Administration DVD:

*** Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Administration DVD ***


1. This is the most comprehensive and only tutorial you will ever need.2. Includes tutorials for absolutely every aspect of understanding Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Administration.3. Learn at your own pace and achieve personal satisfaction when you have perfected your task. 4. This DVD is only suitable for a PC/laptop/Mac; it WILL NOT play on a TV (VLC Media Player will need to be installed to enable use on a Mac).

OverviewYour complete video course in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 administration: hands-on skills for real-world this unique video package, top IT instructor/consultant Ed Liberman helps you master the core skills you need to administer Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. Drawing on his experience helping thousands of people supercharge their IT careers, Liberman helps you develop real world skills for success with Windows Server—and even have fun while you learn. Step by step, you'll build and deepen your knowledge of Windows Server 2012 R2 installation, upgrades, and migration; Server Manager and Server Core; roles and features; Active Directory Domain Services; DHCP, DNS, permissions, printing, local storage, Hyper-V, and more. Everything's organized into bite-sized, self-contained sessions, so you can learn key Windows Server 2012 administration skills in as little as five minutes!
Table of 1: Installing Windows Server 2012 R21.1 Methods of installation1.2 Installation types1.3 Upgrade vs migration1.4 Hardware requirementsLesson 2: Getting to Know the New Interface2.1 Using the new Server Manager2.2 Post installation configuration2.3 Understanding Server Core2.4 Where’s the Start Menu?Lesson 3: Working with Roles and Features3.1 What are roles and features?3.2 Installing roles and features3.3 Managing roles and features3.4 Removing roles and featuresLesson 4: Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services4.1 Components of AD DS4.2 Understanding Domain Controllers4.3 FSMOs4.4 Installing AD DSLesson 5: Managing Active Directory Domain Services5.1 Managing User Accounts5.2 Managing Groups5.3 Managing Computer Accounts5.4 Managing OUsLesson 6: Introduction to DHCP6.1 Installing a DHCP server6.2 Configuring DHCP6.3 Managing the DHCP databaseLesson 7: Introduction to DNS7.1 Name resolution in Windows Server7.2 Installing a DNS server7.3 Managing DNS zonesLesson 8: Configuring File and Sharing Permissions8.1 NTFS permissions8.2 Shared folders8.3 Sharing permissions8.4 Working with offline files8.5 Working with shadow copiesLesson 9: Configuring Printing9.1 Network printing9.2 Printer permissions9.3 Printer pooling and prioritiesLesson 10: Working with Local Storage10.1 Storage overview10.2 Managing disks and volumes10.3 Implementing storage spacesLesson 11: Introduction to Hyper-V11.1 Virtualization overview11.2 Implementing Hyper-V11.3 Managing virtual machine storage11.4 Managing virtual networks

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