SSD 240GB Fast Patriot Pyro 2.5" SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Hard Drive For Sale

SSD 240GB Fast Patriot Pyro 2.5

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SSD 240GB Fast Patriot Pyro 2.5" SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Hard Drive:

Powered by the latest SandForce SF-2281 processor, the Patriot Memory Pyro line will continue to expand on what's expected out of performance level SSDs. To meet the demanding needs of the power users and prosumer markets, the Patriot Memory Pyro will deliver blazing fast 500MB+ read and write speeds for the best in class performance.The Patriot Memory Pyro utilizes a fast SATA III 6.0 Gb/s connection interface to reach its maximum performance without bottlenecks while still maintaining backwards compatibility with existing SATA II interfaces. Technologies like TRIM, DuraClass, and DuraWrite are included in the Patriot Memory Pyro Series to bring a full featured SSD to the performance class market.With a very aggressive pricing strategy, Patriot memory has positioned the Pyro series SSD to offer one of the best price per performance ratios on the market. Backed by Patriot Memory's award winning build quality and 3-year warranty, the Patriot Memory Pyro series will deliver one of the most reliable choices in performance class SSDs.
TRIM SUPPORTThe Wildfire Series SSDs offer native TRIM support featured in the latest versions of Windows. It is specifically designed to maintain the performance of the SSD over the lifetime of the drive. The TRIM feature functions by actively deleting invalid data from the SSD’s memory cells to ensure that write operations perform at full speed. Since a memory block must be erased before it can be re-programmed, TRIM improves performance by pro-actively erasing pages containing invalid data, allowing the SSD to write new data without first having to perform a time-consuming erase command.
GARBAGE COLLECTIONThis feature eliminates the need to perform erasure of the whole block prior to every write. The Garbage Collection process accumulates data marked for erase as "Garbage" and perform whole block erase as space reclamation in order to reuse the block. Essentially, Garbage Collection will defragment itself when it’s idle to maintain maximum life of the drive.
SANDFORCE DRIVENDriven by the second generation of SandForce SSD controller (SF-2281), the Wildfire Series is designed and built to unleash the full potential of the 6Gbps SATA III interface. The Wildfire pushes the limits in both sequential and random data transfer rates, significantly improving your productivity, gaming, multimedia, and overall computing experience.
ECC (ERROR CORRECTION CODE)Utilizing ECC paired with RAISE (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements), the Wildfire delivers an orders-of-magnitude improvement in drive reliability versus today’s best enterprise HDDs and SSDs. The result is single-drive RAID-like protection and recovery from potentially catastrophic flash block failures – all while avoiding the inefficiencies of traditional RAID.
HIGH PERFORMANCE IOPSThe Pyro drive delivers IOPS at 60,000 (4K random write).
HIGH PERFORMANCEWith enterprise-class performance, the Pyro breaks ground with 500MB/s Read and 475MB/s write speeds. It’s ready to take on the most intense multimedia applications.

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