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Teac DV-W524GSB

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For the best performance and value, get TEAC's new Internal
DVW524GSB DVD Writer. It records to DVD Media including
double layer and DVD-RAM discs, reads, writes and rewrites to
CD-R or CD-RW discs or plays DVD Movies with fast read and
write speeds.

TEAC's DVW524GSB features an advanced buffer underrun
Prevention technology. This disc-saving feature suspends the
recording process until the buffer is refilled. No more bad Discs
even when you are multi-tasking.

TEAC's drive supports a variety of DVD recording and playback
applications as well as CD recording applications. The drive
comes with installation hardware and is ready for quick and
easy installation on Windows systems.

* Records to Double Layer Discs
* Records to DVD-RAM Discs
* Supports Dual Format DVD +/- R/RW
* Writes and Rewrites to CD's
* Plays DVD Movies
* Reads CD-ROM
* Fast Write and Read Speeds

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