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A new product has been introduced by to the computer accessories market just in time for chilly weather. Not available in any stores and only available through the manufacturer, the Mouse Hand Warmer is brand new, a novel idea and provides a solution for the cold mouse hand syndrome.

Does your computer mouse hand get cold? Do you sit long hours working at the computer with an exposed mouse hand? Does the winter chill or air-conditioned room make your mouse hand cold and fingertips numb? You're not alone if you answered yes to any of these questions. There is a serious, cold mouse hand problem hitting the computer geek population, and has the cost-effective, energy-efficient solution.

Creator of the Mouse Hand Warmer, Anna Miller, stated: "The Mouse Hand Warmer came about after spending over 12 years sitting at a computer working long, late hours with a very cold mouse hand."  The Mouse Hand Warmer was made to solve the cold mouse hand problem. It proved to solve the problem, once the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket was developed and used and IGM decided to manufacture and sell the item to the computer accessories market.

The Mouse Hand Warmer is an energy-efficient way to keep your mouse hand covered by a warm, fleece blanket. The Mouse Hand Warmer provides, just like crawling under the covers on a cold night, a warm, cozy blanket for your mouse hand. Simply slip your computer mouse and hand inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket with or without the use of a standard sized mouse pad, and your mouse hand is covered and kept warm as you work.

The Mouse Hand Warmer has a non slip surface and is constructed of hand-washable fabrics. It is compatible with optical or USB connected mice of all sizes and shapes. It measures about 12 x 12 inches and has plenty of room inside for freedom of computer mouse hand movement. Through the manufacturer who is currently seeking distributors of the product is the only place you can obtain one of the techie gray, black and white mouse blankets.
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