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The game is treated as a series reboot and bears no relation to the continuity of the previous Turok editions or to the comic books.

The player takes on the role of a soldier named Private Joseph Turok. Previously, Turok was a member of the Wolf Pack, a specialized military detachment whose members were trained in black ops by General Roland Kane. After a falling out with the group, Turok was reassigned to the general military and was eventually made the newest member of Whiskey Company—a team that has been assembled to apprehend his former mentor and return him to Earth. After committing various war crimes, Kane had disappeared three years earlier only to surface on a backwater world. Unbeknownst to Whiskey Company, the planet is under the jurisdiction of the Mendel-Gruman (M-G) Corporation, and Kane is in command of a private army of M-G soldiers and equipment.

At first, the crew shuns Turok, thinking that he is an inexperienced fighter, untrustworthy, and a liability. One particular member, Slade, has a personal grudge against Turok because his brother Robert was also a member of Wolf Pack, and was killed in the same battle from which Turok had reputedly fled, earning him his dubious reputation.

On approach to their target, their starship is shot down from orbit and crash lands on the terraformed surface, where Turok quickly learns that the jungles covering the surface are inhabited by genetically engineered dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are totally wild and untamed, meaning a three-way battle between Whiskey Company, the M-G soldiers, and the dinosaurs takes place throughout the game. After reuniting with the rest of the marines, Turok must complete several missions involving finding a long-range radio and a spaceship. Although, the missions were aborted and several marines were killed. Turok and the surviving marines eventually discover that Kane has created a soldier bug-based biotoxin with deadly and immediate effects that disperses harmlessly after use, making it an ideal first strike weapon. Whiskey Company comes up with a plan to stop Kane and escape the planet, but, The survivors manage to penetrate Kane\'s defences and sabotage the base, suffering only a few casualties. Only Slade, Shepard, and Turok manage to make it to the escape craft alive, but Turok is left behind at his request to head back into the ruins and face Kane. After meeting his old mentor, Turok defeats Kane, killing him.

Shortly after Kane\'s death, an attacking T. rex charges into the scene, forcing Turok to fight with weapons scattered across the landing area. After finally defeating the T. rex, Slade and Shepard return to pick up Turok and leave the hostile world for Earth.

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