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    Tenderfoot Games announces development of "Wild West Online" a Massively Multiplayer Game. Wild West Online will appeal to a diverse player base, with a strong focus on accessibility to mainstream consumers who may never have played an online MMO before. Tenderfoot Games' focus is on developing browser-based, 3D, multiplayer games combining engaging game play, rich experiences, accessibility, and innovative business models.

    Tenderfoot Games announced today that it is developing the world's first Massively Multiplayer Online Game
based in the American west of the 1880s. Players will be able to create their own Wild West mythology using a wide array of realistic settings, goods, and weapons.

    Wild West Online will attract a range of players, from aficionados of Westerns
who have long dreamt of immersing themselves in the old west, to those who simply want a good shootout. Game settings range from frontier camps on the edge of civilization, to prosperously growing towns and cities.
    The game will feature scenarios based on history and myth, permanent and pick-up teams seeking wealth and notoriety, as well as solo play for lone wolves seeking individual fame. Players can advance their abilities to open up new game play options. They can buy goods, important objects and, with them, new skills and abilities.

    Wild West Online is due to launch in the fourth quarter of 2008. This December, Tenderfoot Games will release "Wild West Online: Gunfighter," a free single player or multiplayer online game that will introduce one of the elements of Wild West Online-the classic showdown-at-high-noon that has always been an exciting element of Western fiction. Wild West Online: Gunfighter is designed to appeal to players seeking to become the Bill Hickocks, Wyatt Earps, or the Doc Hollidays of the online world.

    Wild West Online: Gunfighter will offer budding shootists the opportunity to develop their skills
, abilities, and their distinctive look and style. Players will be able to duel each other in a player-versus-player game that is easy to learn, but offers surprising depth of play. "Gunfighter" features dozens of classic encounter locations from both fiction and cinema.

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