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votes Offers Safe Email For Kids  » read source has revealed today that its acclaimed email service for children will be available free of charge. The application is meant to help children between 6 and 13 safely navigate the internet and to provide parents the option of monitoring their child's email and on-line activities.

According to a study published by Symantec Corporation, which states that four out of five children receive improper spam e-mail touting get-rich-quick schemes, loan programs and even pornographic materials. offers a child-safe, spam free, email service known as ZillaMail for parents and their children. ZillaMail helps parents stay informed and involved in their child's email activities, while it also allows kids get in touch with their friends and family. In addition, the service also serves as a fun, destination website for kids, which both kids and parents can easily navigate.

CEO of, Christine Mason declared "We all know there are some really rough spots on the internet that we wouldn't want our kids exposed to. Our focus is on providing a safe neighborhood for tech-savvy kids that bring all of the benefits of the internet while mitigating the risks and eliminating as much of the junk mail and spam as possible from their email accounts. Parents have the option of monitoring on-line activities as well, offering that personal layer of protection that software programs can't assure and only parents themselves can guarantee."

ZillaMail also has a profanity filter, which eliminates offensive words and phrases from the child's email, and the Personal Information Filter that enables parents with the ability to add customized words and phrases to the filter including things like addresses, phone numbers and local dialect curse words further enhance the child's security. The profanity filter contains words and phrases which are universally accepted as objectionable and inappropriate for children.

Only parents can set up an account and only parents can set up the child's address book, which restricts their child from sending or receiving email from anyone other than the names on their "buddy list", due to the security and controlled email environment of the service. Parents can always be aware about their child emailing friends and family without the risk of chat rooms, instant messages, spam email and inappropriate advertising, thanks to this child-safe email account. Parents also have the option of being "blind-copied" on all sent emails to an email of their choice, so that they can carefully monitor email communications.

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